Top 8 Fall Wedding Bouquets

September 15, 2013

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. With the transition from summer to fall comes lots of change in style and decor, and we believe that a wedding should tastefully reflect the time of year that the wedding is being held. We aren’t suggesting that you deck your reception hall out with squash, […]

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Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. With the transition from summer to fall comes lots of change in style and decor, and we believe that a wedding should tastefully reflect the time of year that the wedding is being held. We aren’t suggesting that you deck your reception hall out with squash, hay and dried corn husks! Try something far more tasteful by integrating fall colours into your floral arrangements. Here are our top 8 picks for elegant and inspiring fall bouquets:

  Photography:   Jenny Jimenez   / Floral Design:   Ryder Sloan Events

We love this bouquet because of how striking it is. Cranberry is, in our opinion, going to be one of the most popular colours in the fashion world this season (and as you know, wedding trends generally concur with fashion trends). The combination of cranberry and cream is incredibly sophisticated. Try pulling these colours into your bouquet, and maybe add a touch to your lips and nails too for an elegant and captivating look.

  Photography:   Lani Elias Fine Art Photography   / Flowers:   Academy Florist

Again, we’re just loving the cranberry look. This bouquet was specifically inspired by the colour Garnet (slightly more burgundy than cranberry). Garnet is a beautiful red tone that is a little more seductive than cranberry. Paired with a pale pink or mixed in with plum purples, this colour is incredibly versatile and will make an impression on any guest.

  Floral Design:   Sullivan Owen Floral & Event Design

The Plum Wine Ranunculus and Clematis took our breath away here. See the trend? We’re loving the red-purple tones in floral design this season, and this whimsical arrangement fits the bill. The colours pop in a way that emulates taste and class: not too much, but enough to be noticed and admired.

  Photography:   Esther Sun Photography   / Floral Design:   art with nature floral design

The first thing you notice in this gorgeous arrangement is the pops of violet. Violet is certainly an eye catcher, but often brides will make violet the primary colour in their palette. We prefer this striking colour in small doses – little pops in the floral arrangements, invitations or maybe even in the jewelry on the bridesmaids. Blend it in with lighter, softer colours like the blush-toned clematis and the soft, almost mauve succulent featured in the bouquet to make a gorgeous arrangement.

  Floral Design:   McKenzie Powell Floral & Event Design

For a more vibrant bouquet that incorporates more traditional fall colours like burnt orange, apple reds and golden hues, this one is a perfect example. This bouquet of ranunculous and roses is whimsical and dramatic, but tasteful and beautiful. The bright and bold colours featured here are toned down by the creams and blushes mixed in. If you love the more traditional fall colours, try not to focus on one of the colours alone – mix it up and play with unexpected combinations, like the random pop of lilac here.

  Photographer:   Cluney Photo   / Florals: Bride's Grandmother

And for a completely different spin, why not try to add some really interesting embellishments to your bouquet, like the feathers featured in this beautiful arrangement that the bride’s mother created for her? You can incorporate elements of fall into your bouquet without necessarily having to make your entire colour scheme change due to the season. Try adding unique, non-floral elements to your bouquet like berries, feathers, hand-dyed ribbons and twigs.

  Photography:   The Nichols Photography   / Floral Design:   The Nouveau Romantics

I love everything about the colour plum. It has a number of different shades, all of which look beautiful together in floral arrangements. Plum evokes images of royalty, richness and quality, and it is an amazing colour to bring out in the fall. Because this colour isn’t as vibrant as fuchsia or violet, feel free to incorporate all of the shades of plum into your bouquet, and let it be the focal point. We recommend not adding anything brighter than plum to this arrangement – let this beautiful colour take centre stage. Mix in some creams and soft greens and you have a romantic, sophisticated and luxurious look.

  Photography:   Elisa B Photography   / Floral Designer:   Toast

For the bride that wants a very clean colour pallet without vibrant colours, but still wants to incorporate the season into her bouquet, this is a wonderful example on how to do just that. By using a neutral flower like cream-coloured roses and accenting it was an understated colour, like lavender and mauve (which coordinate very well with seeded eucalyptus leaves as the leaves have hints of lavender),  you can create interest and elegance without the super-vibrant  traditional colours of the season.

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