An Intensive Online Training Program for Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding is often overwhelming, time-consuming and complicated, but it doesn't have to be. This proven process on how to design, plan and coordinate weddings will give you all the tools you need to become a confident, successful and thriving planner.

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I'm Brittany Frid, award-winning wedding planner and designer. In Spring 2021, I'm launching Frid Academy, an intensive online training program for up and coming wedding planners. I'm doing a deep-dive into the wedding industry to provide more practical training than any program currently available through colleges and certification programs in North America.

So you want to be a wedding planner?

If you're looking for a creative and fulfilling career, this course is for you.

You're in the right place.

I was working 9-5 at a law firm for years. It was unfulfilling and I craved creativity and freedom. I helped a co-worker with her wedding and my eyes were opened to a whole new world outside of my cubicle. I started helping other friends with their weddings and decided to do it as a side-hustle.

It was stressful starting from scratch though. I couldn't find templates, didn't know the cost of weddings and couldn't find a course to help me understand the business behind weddings. I had learn about pricing, understand event design, to learn hundreds of new skills with each wedding, build dozens of templates from scratch, learn to market myself and how to lead large teams. It was hard. Really, really hard...

I had the same problems.

Designed to give you an in-depth education on the business of planning weddings: from defining the roles and responsibilities of planners, designing and coordinating the event, working with vendors, understanding your clients' needs, and building your business, you'll learn everything you need to not just become a wedding planner, but thrive as one.


Frid Academy

An intensive online training program for wedding planners.

I start with defining the role and specific responsibilities of a wedding planner, then I'll coach you on how to actually prep and plan a wedding.

You'll learn the differences between planners, coordinators, stylists, venue coordinators and designers. Then you'll learn the actual skills, such as how to customize checklists, create budgets, build timelines, manage guest lists and develop seating plans. I also get into client and vendor relationships and boundaries, emergency management, permits, bad weather planing and so much more.

How to Plan

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Let's break it down

The Frid Academy Course List

The design of the wedding dictates every decision we make when planning the wedding, from picking the venue/vendors to food and music choices, and of course all of the aesthetic elements like florals, stationery and decor.

You’ll learn how to identify a client’s style, how to create and pitch your designs, and how to use space and light and create flow at the event, and how to execute the final vision. I'll also cover styled shoots; they’re a big deal in the wedding community and they're a great way to get your feet wet.

How to Design

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This is one of my 3D renderings for a client

Coordination is the month-of admin and the day-of execution itself. You'll start by learning about the prep, like vendor confirmations, final payments, floor plans and meal selections.

You'll learn how to lead rehearsals, then I break down every single component of a standard wedding day. Coordination is intense and requires a good deal of experience before you stop feeling like you’re going to die from stress. I'm arming you with the tools and answers you need to best be prepared for all the questions, emergencies and timing issues on the day.

How to Coordinate

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I firmly believe every wedding planner *must* build their careers around inclusivity: this course gives you insight on how to best serve clients of different creed, race, sexual orientation, age and ability.

You'll learn the key elements of the world’s primary religions, we'll discuss the LGBTQ experience, and you'll learn how to understand the needs of those of different races, ages and ability. The focus will be on incorporating inclusivity and accessibility from your own services to the event designs you'll be preparing.

Cultures, Religions and Inclusivity

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Vendors will be your loudest cheerleaders, best lead sources and your closest allies. You need to understand your relationship with them to protect your clients and build your reputation.

You’ll learn about pricing structures and common business practices, how to understand contracts and services, create vendor-specific timelines, anticipate their needs, and how to work together on the day-of so that your clients are happy and you build lasting relationships with vendors.

Vendor Management

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Not all planners want to be self-employed. Regardless, you need to understand the business behind being a wedding planner to give you the full perspective.

From business planning, pricing services, accounting, legal, branding, SEO, marking, team management, leadership, professionalism, and what tools we use, it’s all here. I'll even walk you through my own business mistakes so that you don't have to make the same ones. It's the coaching I wish I had when I started out.

Business Management

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This intensive online training program includes everything you need to become a professional wedding planner.

How it works

Take a deep breath, sign up for the course, and give yourself a high five for taking the first step to success.

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50+ High-Quality Video Lessons
45+ Hours of Learning

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3 timeline examples and
1 timeline Worksheet

1 example budget
(including average costs)

25+ email precedents

1 Design Proposal Worksheet
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Transcripts for every lesson

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 and client intake)

Certificate of Completion
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Access to our "We Are Frid" group for continued support

Career opportunities with the
frid events international team

Be booking your ideal clients and working on weddings that bring high reward — both financially and creatively.

Feel confident about your skills and knowledge as a wedding planner, with clients, vendors, and venues.

Know how to balance budgets, quote designs, manage vendors, make perfect timelines, and run a wedding day with ease.

Have a clear actionable plan in place for scaling your business and taking things to the next level. 

Know how to start and grow your professional portfolio to attract the right clients.

Build the perfect team to help you not only work weddings and help build your biz.

By the end of the program, you will...

Replace your 9-5 income and make more in a year than ever before.

How does this sound?

Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.



the results you're going to get:

Create a community of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly.


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.


Build a drool-worthy portfolio that you'll be proud to show off for years to come.


a little about my own journey as a wedding planner

I was a 9-5 girl with a very respectable career in law. I helped a co-worker design her wedding back in 2010, but I had trouble finding the right vendors in our city for the look. I ended up creating a website that featured modern weddings and a vendor guide. It blew up and was a top Canadian wedding blog by 2012. I took it further and launched a planning and design company at the end of 2013 while I was still working at the firm. By 2015, I was making substantially more than my salary there, so I left the law firm, became self-employed, and have never looked back.

I've booked more than 500 events since then. My team has  managed around $25 million in budgets. I consistently make 6 figures year after year. I have a huge team and we're all best friends. I've got a gorgeous office/studio, and I work with dream clients who give me total freedom. I run training bootcamps, mentor students, write for magazines, style tv sets, consult as a designer, and get to work on crazy projects at my leisure. I also spend my off-seasons travelling the world for months on end: last year I spent 6 months living in Bali, Indonesia. I'm living the dream, all because I'm a wedding planner.

IT's NOT ABOUT BEING "SPECIAL", it's about doing the work. You can do it too, I'll show you how.
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My only regret is that I didn't start sooner...

You've been dreaming about doing this for a long time. That Type-A personality of yours is a HUGE asset as a wedding planner, but perfectionism also makes it hard to get started.

Most of us are just looking for a little guidance, insight, tools and experience to get over the hurdles you'll face along the way. I'm here, along with the industry's finest, to hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way.

You're sharp, stylish, organized, and you're ready. You just need the right plan to become a mega-success.

You're in the right place.

A year from now you'll wish you started today

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

This course is the only one of its kind because...

Frid Academy will teach you more about how to plan a wedding than any other wedding planning program in North America.

You get all my professional templates and precedents, which will save you COUNTLESS hours of research and headaches.

I'm not just teaching you the fundamentals, I'm giving you everything I've ever learned. All the mistakes, all the victories.

Each lesson has an accompanying download of my training book so you can keep it well after you've finished watching the videos.

This      for you if:

You're ready to work hard

You don't like weddings (obv...)

You love weddings


You're Craving your dream life

It's probably       for you if:

You don't like planning or design



It's probably
for you if...

What does it take to become a successful wedding planner?

Courage. Grit. Passion. And a lot of hard work.

Frid Academy will give you more in-depth training, resources and templates than any certification program you can find - that's a guarantee.

Ready for the challenge?

If you sign up during our pre-sale window, you'll get a major freebie: my tried-and-true email templates. From emails to vendors and the wedding party with timelines, our new consult email, welcome email, closing email, you'll get them all. It took me years to get it right, now you get it free. ($179 value)

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Brittany and her team were true pleasures to work with from the beginning of the planning process to the end of our wedding day. I'm happy to be married, but will honestly miss being in contact with her on a regular basis for the past 1+ year. I had thought planning would be a huge chore, but I always looked forward to our meetings and calls.

- Danica & Mike

5 stars aren't enough to describe how much of a pleasure it was to work with Brittany and her team to plan and execute our wedding. Brittany was flexible, open, and guided us through the daunting process of planning a wedding. She handled decor and florals for us (and coordination), and she KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!! I would not have been as calm and in the moment, if it wasn't for her. I am so thankful to her and her team for making our dream wedding come true.

- Camille & Nick

Working with Frid Events was a dream and the best decision we made during the entire wedding process. Frid Events did our partial planning, stationary, flowers and day of coordination and our wedding was seamless because of it. The flowers were insane and the beautiful ceremony arch was our dream come to real life. Do your future self a favour and book Frid Events now and your wedding will be beautiful, coordinated, stress free and be everything you could ever want. 

- Rachelle & Scott

We actually got married on the day of the tornado and experienced flooding and a total power loss at our venue, but Brittany helped keep everything moving along seamlessly. She managed to get us a back-up generator so we were able to power the DJ for the rest of the night and keep the party going! We are very grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone!

- Madeline & Alexander

BOOK THEM!! I got married this past July and booking my florals with Brittany was one of the best decisions we made throughout our entire wedding process. I would give Brittany and her team 10 stars if I could!! From day one, Brittany made this entire process so easy and stress free. If you need any more proof as to how talented this lady is, our wedding was published on Junebug Weddings this month. She is a great florist and an overall amazing person!! I will be recommending Brittany and her team to everyone I know!

- Bryanne & Andrew

I can't tell you how happy I am that Brittany was suggested to me by a colleague. We used Frid Events for the florals and the set-up of our tables and Brittany truly made my vision become a reality. It was PERFECT! They were stunning! Brittany has a laid back-get it done approach that puts her clientele at ease, which is what every bride needs! She has impeccable style and knowledge and was a pleasure to work with!

- Tanya & Tom

My husband and I decided to hire a coordinator for our wedding last year so that we could relax and enjoy our big day. We are SO grateful we chose to do this and we were extremely impressed by the Frid Events team right from the start. They was professional, thorough, and just a pleasure to work with. We couldn’t have asked for a better team.

-Devon & Tom

The moment I met Brittany I knew I wanted her and her team running the show. I had a feeling she would transform my ideas and add her unique touches to them. That's exactly what she did. Along with her creativity, the planning process was simple and smooth. We were completely stress free the entire process. It rained  our entire wedding day and Brittany made us feel like it was a bright and sunny day at the beach. Priceless.

-Stephanie & Kurt

Brittany is the best. She is the most friendly and organized person out there - she makes planning a wedding fun and takes the stress right out of it. She is hilarious and basically is a mind reader. I would 100% recommend hiring her!

- Tara & Julian

Made planning from across the country easy as possible... meaning her team took care of everything. Our day was perfect. Her team was restless. The flexibility in her services is amazing. If you need coordination, your day will go smoothly. If you need florals, you will have the best florals. If you need help with design, she will envision and realize your perfect day even if you are clueless like me. Could not praise her and her team enough.

-Jessica & Mylan

My husband and I would like to say a heart felt thank you to Brittany and her team for the breathtaking floral arrangements. She felt like a friend right away, and it was easy to trust that she was going to do an amazing job. They understood completely the wedding style and the current trends - and made bouquets and arrangements that were more amazing than I could have imagined.

-Brittani & Scott

I HIGHLY recommend Frid Events for any brides with a busy schedule, or if you are just not really sure how to plan a big wedding and need a hand. She is incredible - extremely kind and has your best interest in mind and will make sure your special day runs smoothly. Brittany and her team did planning, design and florals for the entire wedding and SERIOUSLY knocked it out of the park.

-Lex & Ahmed

Brittany is your girl! She definitely went the extra mile for us! She made sure that both my venues were ready and made sure that everything went without a hitch. It really shows that Brittany loves her clients because she took the time to get to know myself and my husband and paid attention to the type of day we wanted to have. 
Family and friends still tell me, months later, how well it all went.

- Dominique & Malek

With only a month to go before our big day and trying to make arrangements from Sweden, a one-stop-shop for venue, decor and food seemed more feasible for us, but I really wanted the dream, Pinterest-worthy wedding that I saw reflected in Frid's portfolio and Brittany made it happen, all the while being flexible, personable, and professional. I cannot recommend her services enough!

- Charisse & Anil,

Brittany from Frid Events was the most amazing florist we could have wanted for our wedding! I was so impressed with the bouquets, boutonnieres & altar arrangements that she made. Everyone tells me how beautiful our flowers were at our wedding and it is all thanks to Frid Events. Brittany was awesome to work with and really understood what I was envisioning. 

- Julie & Chris

Not only did Brittany help us stay on track during the planning process with regular check ins, she was always available and responsive whenever we had questions. With very little direction, she took our flowers and decor and styled the room more beautifully than we could have imagined. They went above and beyond to make sure that we had absolutely nothing to worry about on the day of our wedding and I cannot recommend them enough.

- Laura & Han

Brittany and her team are amazing! If you have a dream for your wedding they can make it happen. They make the planning process seamless and so stress free, our wedding would not have turned out as amazing as it did if it was not for Frid Events. Thank you again for all your help and your amazing floral designs, everything turned out more beautiful then I could have ever imagined!

- Carly & Shane, Australia

I’ve worked with Brittany at two weddings now and she truly makes the day run smoothly for everyone involved. As a videographer, we can find ourselves running around a lot at weddings but with Brittany’s coordination we find ourselves more calm and relaxed during the day. I can testify that she is selfless, kind and a lot of fun! For future brides, Brittany will not only take all your stress away, but she will make your wedding look like it came right off of Pinterest.

-Cassidy Howard, Peaking Zebra

I've had the amazing pleasure of photographing a wedding that was beautiful designed by the one and only Brittany Frid. Probably one of my most favourite wedding designs ever. Everything felt fresh and beautiful and there was immense attention to detail, which made everything flow and visually make sense. From the floral arrangements, to the menus, place cards and linens, everything was well planned out and visually soooo beautiful. Highly recommend Brittany Frid and her team of awesome people!

- Laura Doane,
Laura Lee Photography

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