More Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

With the new Great Gatsby movie finally in theatres, I thought it was time to post another inspiration board, this one created by Flights of Fancy, the blog for Betsy White Stationary Boutique. Enjoy! Source: Betsy White, Flights of Fancy / row 1:  elodie winter photography via un beau jour / row 2:  josh goleman photography via cotton candy sugar rush | weddings by two photography via 100 layer […]

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Hello Lovelies! I need to apologize really quickly. Not only am I going on my very first real vacation this month (hello Punta Cana!), but Satin & Snowflakes also has a HUGE project coming up in mid-April, and I can’t be more excited! Unfortunately, it means that I do not have much time as I […]

Great Gatsby Bridal Inspiration

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I love art deco decor, and the fact that this couple brought Great Gatsby details into every corner of their wedding made me fall in love at first click. Here’s what Once Wed wrote too:  If you enjoyed our post earlier today on this beautiful Great Gatsby inspired wedding, we are happy to be able to show […]

Great Gatsby Wedding in Australia

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