Do you still offer event planning or coordination?

After 10 wonderful years of planning and coordinating weddings for over 600 couples, we have officially retired these two services from our roster. We now exclusively focus on design, florals, rentals and stationery. We do still offer consultation services for anything (including planning or coordination advice) if you still need help though!

Do design services include the cost for all the Florals and decor needed to execute the design?

Our design services are specifically for creating the "blueprint" for the event: essentially determining the aesthetic, making all decor decisions, and putting a list together of everything required to produce the event based on those decisions. Once the design process is done, you will have inspiration boards for every physical element of the event, plus a 2D layout and a 3D rendering of the design at the venue. At that point, our design services are officially finished.

If you would like us to take the blueprint and prepare a quote for what it would take us to produce the designs for you, we can take the baton and move into the production phase! Or if you'd rather take the blueprint and execute the designs on your own or with different vendors, you can do that too. The blueprint is completely yours, but we'd love to help!

What if I have a design in mind for my event, but I'm not sure how to put it all together. Can you help?

Absolutely! If you don't need our full design services, we recommend design consultations with us instead. Whether you want to bounce ideas off us, review pictures together, have us come up with the layout, pitch general concepts, solve problems, or walk through logistics, we can help. We do all of this by video and can work with anyone at any venue anywhere in the world (we do this often) - and it's all billed per hour. Learn more about our consultation services.

Do you do all the set up and tear down of my order, or can I do it myself?

Generally speaking, we can do either option! We can include delivery, set up and tear down of all of our orders, but most items can also be available for pick-up at our studio in Ottawa, or for delivery and/or pick-up only. It's truly whatever works best for your budget. 

That being said, some orders require special requirements that need our team to handle the set up and tear down specifically, such as floral installations. We will discuss this with you before you sign our contract though!

Can you ship my order, or does my event have to be local?

At this time, we cannot ship any orders. That being said, we are a destination-friendly company and have done events all around the world. We can travel with our decor and we can also do florals on site. Ask us about our funny floral story from a wedding we did in Santorini, Greece!

What are your Terms & Conditions?

You can view an example of our Terms & Conditions here. Our T&C policies cover everything from damage, loss, theft, exclusivity, details we need from you, substitutions, outdoor events, revisions, additional fees, travel expenses, and more. These will all be outlined clearly on your contract and we will review them together before you sign.

What happens after I submit my wishlist order from my cart?

As soon as you hit send, you'll be automatically sent an invitation to set up a free 30 minute video consultation with someone from our team so that we can review your order together and gather more details about your event. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the automatic message to schedule this consultation.

If you didn't get the message to book a consult, please email us at team@fridevents.com. 

What happens after my free 30 minute consultation?

One we complete your consultation, our team finished preparing your quote and sends it to you for review and signature. You have 2 weeks to review it before your quote is automatically archived, and you'll get reminders just in case you lose track of time!

Do I have to do a consultation to get a quote?

Yes, for two reasons. First, we can't send a quote without knowing a few key details about delivery or set up and tear down timing, venue requirements, bouquet deliveries, etc. and these questions aren't asked before you can submit an order. Second, we want to make sure we're a good fit - we are selective about the events that we take on.

What about deposits, changes, cancellations and refunds?

We take a 50% non-refundable deposit when you sign the contract, and the balance is due 30 days before your event date. Deposits are designed to compensate us for expenses and labour throughout the duration of a contract (ex. administration time, software fees, studio overhead, and client meetings) along with loss of opportunity in the event of cancellation, in addition to paying for the services and goods itemized within the order. As such, all payments made are non-refundable, forfeited, and cannot be used as credit towards future events. No refunds or credits will be given for unused items.

You are allowed to change your order twice before your event: first at the half-way point between the date you sign the contract and the date of the event, and then during our final meeting 30 days before the event when you sign off on the final order after we make any necessary final adjustments. No changes can be made within 30 days of the event. 

Our policies on refunds, cancellations and changes to orders are in our Terms & Conditions.

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